Accounting & Financial Services

Scratch book math only works so far. Let us help you make sense of your cents. From monthly bookkeeping to full financial statement preparation, our financial services can be tailored to your needs. 

Behind every good set of financials should be a strong financial process and controls policy. We can help with ensuring your current finance function is operating efficiently and managing the work in a consistent manner within defined controls to improve efficiency, and minimize the potential for errors or fraud. 

Our accounting is fully cloud based for ease of access and real time processing, and our reports presented in easy to understand formats that become valuable tools to base strategic management decisions upon.

Operational Advice & Support

Operations have a wide reach. We can help with developing workflows and policies to streamline your Cayman business or corporate office. 

Our services include developing processes, controls and policies to improve efficiency across a range of business areas.  

We can assist with developing or simply updating staff contracts, handbooks and other key HR processes,  as well as ensuring compliance with local labour and pension regulations. 

Our facilities management support focuses on developing guides to ensure smooth management of your premises, and risk management through the development of a comprehensive Disaster Management Plan. 

Economic Substance Law Support

From 1 January 2019, The International Tax Co-operation (Economic Substance) Law 2018 came into effect.  It requires entities conducting certain activities that are within scope to demonstrate economic substance in the Cayman Islands. 

Additional guidance notes issued by the Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority on April 30, 2019 provided more clarity on the definitions of the relevant entities and their core income generating activities, however there remains a level of uncertainty around the degree of substance that will be needed to satisfy compliance with the regulations. 

Our services may be able to assist with your Cayman based back office services and support as further guidance is released by the Cayman Tax Information Authority.